Friday, May 21, 2010


Welcome to Kimra's Kreations

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I am a digital scrapbook artist who wants to help you preserve your precious memories. In this digital world, where we all have camera’s to capture every moment, we tend to forget to store those moments in time in a photobook. Most of the time the photo’s stay on a computer, just waiting to get lost during the next crash…

That’s where I can help! As a digital scrapbook artist I create scrapbook pages for a living. Let me create a single page for you or maybe a complete photobook. Let’s get those memories scrapped and don’t forget those special moments in time.

I will not only scrap your pictures, but your memories too. You deliver the text that goes with the photo’s, whether it is just the date, place, list of people on a photo or a complete story. You say it and I will scrap it for you!

How does it work? Well you send me the photo’s, either through e-mail or snail mail. Together with the photo’s you will tell me what colors you would like, if you have a preference.

Whenever I finish a page you will receive an e-mail from me where you can view the page. You then send me an e-mail approving the page or mention any changes you would like made. I often create several pages a day so once I get started on your album, it should be finished within a month…